Halo Healthy is the leading provider of premier flavors for dips, spreads, and all kinds of amazing taste experiences that are sinfully delicious, but without salt, sugar, or MSG, and no artificial flavors or preservatives. They are heart and diabetes healthy, while delivering uncompromised mouth-watering flavors for parties, tailgates, and everyday snacking.

Incredible Flavors

22 Flavors, ranging from Tomato Basil to Bacon Pineapple, from mild flavors like Spinach and BLT to Spicy Curry and Cheesy Taco, there is something to make sales grow and customers keep coming back for their favorites and also trying new flavors. Optimized for maximizing profits in very little retail space.


Halo Healthy is American made, beginning with our founders needing a satisfying and full flavor snacking experience without the sugar, salt and other unhealthy ingredients.  From that small beginning, Halo is now fulfilling cravings all over America. Ask about Deli preparations to increase your margins and sales, as well as our fundraising programs.


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